is the world's only elearning platform dedicated to helping owners of Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Holiday Lets and Hotels understand the complexities of online marketing.

We have created a series of courses that will help you to run your business professionally and systematically to attract the guests YOU want to attract, fill your rooms in the low season or anytime you want, reduce your reliance on online travel agents and simply have a heck of a lot more fun!

The world has changed.  We can't sit and wait for people to show up anymore.  We have to learn how to use the internet to reach out to the guests we can relate to and want to attract, via your properly constructed and designed website, your relationship building systems and your online and social media presence.

Our courses will show you how to set all of this up, then how to create unique and interesting marketing programs that will reduce your reliance upon the OTA's and thus reduce your monthly commission bill. will give you the opportunity to view online courses and or take part in regular webinars and discussions on the industry.

You will also be introduced to market leading software created by our team at and invited to join our own online travel agency

We look forward to helping you develop your business and ensuring that you remain in control.



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